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So, this crazy thing happened at Newport Folk: Jack White broke down in tears. TEARS. REAL. EMOTION. I’m not teasing the Third Man prez and former White Stripe; I was legitimately dumbfounded that the notoriously guarded rocker was opening up to the crowd the way he was while conducting a sing-along tribute to Pete Seeger with “Goodnight, Irene.” It got me thinking about how the Jack White I’d seen at Governors Ball and Bonnaroo earlier this season wouldn’t have stopped shouting or launching into weird rants long enough to pull off such a beautiful moment, and how Newport Folk really, truly cultivates this experience and obliterates any sense of celebrity and inaccessibility between its audience and its talent. I went long on this for Esquire, dissecting the pros and cons of the mega-festival industry and why Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc. can learn a thing or two from the folk at Fort Adams.